2021 was a very big year for ATS – another year of lockdowns may have meant a quieter year for many, but with so many more people at home tackling household clear outs and home improvements, we were kept busier than ever. We have also been through a major upgrade to our digital services alongside a new website and branding – transforming our customer service offering, with the standout improvement being, that customers can now directly book online. 

ATS Skip Hire, Best Skip Company Award Winners 2022

The icing on the cake for 2021 came with ATS Skip Hire being awarded the amazing accolade of Skip Hire company of the year for the South-eastern region in the UK. What an amazing way to end the year! 

Set up by Build Review – a quarterly digital publication dedicated to the construction and property markets, The Recycling and Waste Management Awards, recognise leading companies within the sector globally.  

The awards themselves came from Build Review feeling the need to highlight companies going that extra mile. Rewarding those providing innovative and forward-thinking ways for individuals and business to dispose of waste in the most effective, safe and also responsible way.  The worthy winners are made up of a plethora of companies across the globe – from automotive recycling consultancies to agricultural amendment soil specialists, the awards recognise all manor of companies involved in recycling and waste management.  

ATS Skip Hire company of the year South East England,  recycling and waste management awards

In their write up for our category, Build Review was glowing in in its explanation of why we achieved the accolade of Skip Hire Company of the Year for 2021: 

“Simply, ATS Skip Hire removes all the difficulty around choosing the right product. Taking the customers’ needs and requirements into account, ATS Skip Hire utilises its extensive knowledge to guide them towards the right option. “ 

Our streamlined service was also mentioned, recognising the ease this creates for customers:  

“ATS Skip Hire aims to make the skip hiring process simple. For over two decades the company has been servicing the Colchester and Sudbury areas, sharing its expertise with thousands and ultimately generating numerous happy customers. From the moment the company is hired, it strives to provide an excellent service and ensures it provides its customers with support, assistance, and professional insight, so that the skip they hire is the best fit. “ 

Here at ATS we care greatly about the team we have working for us. Ultimately the success of our business, is the sum of everyone’s hard work, brought together for a collective goal. Our positive team spirit and strong work ethic, was also highlighted as another reason we were chosen for the award. 

“Of course none of this would be possible without its team of professional staff. Working as a dynamic team, the staff is pushed to provide an unbeatable service, especially when interacting with customers. In turn ATS Skip Hire believes that fostering a healthy workplace environment is vital – if the workplace is positive the staff will be more inclined to work harder. Furthermore the company prioritises the heath and safety of its team, and therefore, when manoeuvring its products, it has numerous safety measures in place. “ 

Finally, our commitment to streamline our offering and evolve as a business was also recognised: 

“Bolstered by the aforementioned core values, ATS Skip Hire remains true to its over arching mission. It constantly pushes for skip hire to be, the stress-free experience it should be. With this firmly in mind, ATS Skip Hire is ever evolving, with every industry development the company bends to cater to the customers.

Thank you to Build Review for awarding this award to us. It means a great deal to have all our hard work acknowledged – hearing such positive feedback about our services.

“It should come as no surprise that ATS Skip Hire is in receipt of the Skip Hire Company of the year – South East England Award. From the start of the hiring process and throughout, it supplies a superior level of customer service and excels in quality. ATS Skip Hire is the premier company for such services, and is not only pleasing customers, but shaping the skip hire industry for the better.”