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Skip FAQs

  • How long can I keep the skip?

    Typically, our general hire period is 1 week (7 days from delivery). All online orders are automatically booked in for collection 7 days after delivery. After the agreed time period your skip may be collected at any time without warning. Please contact us if you have any queries about this whatsoever.

  • Do you automatically come and pick the skip up after a week?

    It is your responsibility to call us and let us know you are finished with the skip. After 1 week, we may call you to arrange collection. However, if we are unable to contact you then your skip WILL be collected without prior warning.


  • How high can I fill the skip?

    When you hire one of our skips, we ask that all skips are be level loaded and not loaded above the sides of the skip. We will use our discretion on collecting overloaded skips.
    If we feel it may be unsafe to transport, we reserve the right to remove waste from the skip until we are satisfied it is safe to transport. This helps us to make sure that our service is used correctly, and that our staff are not pay at any needless risk.

  • How and when do I pay for the skip?

    All skips must be paid for at time of ordering or on delivery via cash.

  • What can I put in the skip?

    What you can put in it depends on the size you've ordered, please look at our "Skip page for more info" section for more info. We will be happy to give you any more information if you are uncertain, so just contact our team with any information that you might need about what you can and cannot place into a skip.

  • Info for Wait and Load service

    Due to prior issues with this service, we no longer automatically help with loading of skips. The allocated time for loading is 30 minutes, after which a charge may apply. Please allow up to 1 hour either side of your allocated time slot for our arrival, as situations beyond our control can often affect the time that we reach you. We will do everything that we can to keep you fully up-to-date with what decisions are being made, and when, so you can stay fully up-to-date on the situation.

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Our Vehicles

Van Loader

As one of our most effective starting places for most of our clients, our Van Loader can be the ideal hire for many reasons. This Van is capable for hire in all the mini skips around Colchester, Sudbury, and surrounding villages.

Easy to use and effective in the extreme, our low loader offers flexibility. It also makes the ideal choice if you have limited space to work within. This can be very useful, especially when space is very tight and our larger vehicles cannot get access.

We recommend our Van Loader for short-space and otherwise tight, crammed areas. Perhaps your road is tight, or the drive is challenging to gain easy access to drop a skip safely. Whatever the reason, we will recommend our Van Loader when you have short space to work within but need to handle the project from start ‘til finish.

In the instance where you have a large project, we can simply swap the full skip with an empty one so that you can continue with your project/clearance.

Contact us today if you have any more questions or queries at all about our Van Loader and what it can/cannot be used for.

Truck Loader

Trying to find a Low Loader truck that you know can fit into even the tightest of spots? Then take a look at our Truck Two solution. This has become a popular choice for various reasons, especially when you are short on space and need a solution that can fit into otherwise right and hard to access areas.

Our Low Loader is a particularly useful choice when you are short on room and need to make specific adjustments to fit. That is why you might wish to look at our Low Loader for jobs where you have limited height and width to work within. For example, a tight street or a busy commercial area might be better handled with a Low Loader as opposed to trying to fit in something larger that could cause disruption.

If you think that you could benefit from working with this truck, then you need only let us know. We will be more than happy to help you make a positive choice based on the kind of loading options best suited to your personal needs.

Dealing with a larger project than you expected? Don’t worry; we can replace your full skip with a new, empty skip, so that you can continue loading and preparations without having to stop for even a moment. This helps to keep the job flowing, progress showing, and success for the wider project.

Contact us today if you have any questions at all about hiring our Low Loader and what it could be most useful for.

Skip Hire Preparation, Be Ready For Delivery

From making sure our vehicles can fit to ensuring the roads are wide enough, we look to make sure that everything is prepared for delivery beforehand. Whether you are dealing with a shared driveway, a gate system, a lack of turning space, or anything else, contact us today and we can make sure you get everything prepared properly before an order is made.

The sooner we are aware of the circumstances waiting for us, the easier we can make adjustments to ensure you can get seamless delivery of the equipment that you need to get the job done in a fraction of the normal time.

Items ATS Do Not Accept:

For legal reasons, there are materials that we are unable to take away in a skip. These include the following:

  • Asbestos – we do not take at all 
  • Plasterboard (zero tolerance and not to be mixed within our regular skips READ MORE ) – However we do offer plasterboard-only skip bags and skips.
  • Gas bottles (of any kind)
  • Florescent Tubes
  • Clinical waste
  • Dog or human excrement
  • Helium bottles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hazardous liquids
  • Flammable liquids
  • No hot ash or fire remnants

Ats Skips are to be filled level; our drivers can be prosecuted for dropping any part of their load and/or having an insecure load due to them being overfilled. Overfilled may be subject to them being levelled for removal purposes. If you have any of the above waste types please contact our office staff who will provide you with a quote for your disposal needs. By continuing with this purchase, you must adhere to the full list of Terms here.

No fires in the skip are tolerated at all.

  • Any damage incurred by fire will be chargeable in the full amount (E.G 8Yard build cost is £1200).
  • Fires damage the structure of the skip and renders them unsuitable for further use.
  • Extreme cases mean they have to be put out by the Fire brigade.
  • Overhead Hazzards

    Our ATS skip lorries are high in terms of height, and this is quite often overlooked for access.
    Before you make an order, please check the overhead space in your street/drive and please let us know if you think overhead obstacles will be problematic. We can make arrangements in advance to get around these issues and ensure your delivery is as stress-free as is possible.
    Tress and overhead cables or power lines (usually phone cables) can be an extremely dangerous overhead hazard. Please inform us of any potential obstacles we have to look out for, as it could make it easier for us to deliver as we have promised.

  • Turning Space

    You'll need to consider the turning space required if the road you live on doesn't have a through-route. This is especially important if you live on a cul-de-sac. Considerations will be made such as parked cars and whether there is enough room for our lorries to manoeuvre. Please try to provide us with as much detail as you can regarding the turning space that should be available on your street.

  • Manhole & Driveway Safety

    Manhole or drainage points can buckle or collapse under the weight of a loaded skip, so please ensure these are protected. This is very important to consider; don’t assume your skip can simply be placed on any free section of ground.
    You must consider your driveway make sure it can take the weight of a fully loaded skip especially with the larger skips. If your drive is of a lower quality this could see permanent damage otherwise.
    By giving us notice on this whilst booking skip, we can avoid delays and any damage to your property and thus avoid any potential for extensive damage and/or repairs due to lack of notice regarding hazards.

  • Gates

    A locked gate can be a common mistake and we then can't deliver or collect your skip. Please ensure your gateway is both wide enough for our vehicles to fit, and that the gates are going to be left open for us for delivery/collection of your skip(s).
    Make sure your gateway is wide enough for the vehicle of choice to pass through. Ensure on the day of skip arrival or collection the gates are left open.

  • Shared Diveway

    Do you share a drive with your neighbour? Just make sure any skip you'd like to hire fits on your drive only without obstructing your neighbour in anyway.
    We recommend that you consider notifying your neighbour in advance to prevent any issues further down the line. If you don't own a drive or cannot use yours, then let us know so we can arrange for the skip to be placed on the road or public highway as we can help arrange for a permit.

  • Road Width Requirements

    One of the main reasons we fail to deliver is due to parked cars making the road narrower. Base your street at the busiest time of day so you have an idea on the width, view vehicle widths above, if the space is too tight with our truck then please select the van option.
    We can work around this so long as we have prior expectation for a busier street. However, if we arrive and the street does not match the provided description, we reserve the right to return at a later point when the street is clear enough for delivery/collection.