As the New Year approaches, many homeowners and businesses, whether in the trade or DIY, are gearing up for exciting renovation projects. From revamping your living space, expanding your office, or enhancing your garden, proper waste management is crucial for a smooth and successful renovation. This is where the right skips for your renovation come into play.

At ATS, we recognise the significance of effectively coordinating a project and ensuring that the appropriate trades are present on-site at the designated times. To facilitate this, we suggest making use of our optional delivery time slots. With a nominal fee, we guarantee the delivery of your skip at a time that aligns with your renovation schedule, minimising any potential disruptions from other deliveries.

Additionally, we offer an alternative solution known as Wait While Load Skips. This option provides you with a 30-minute time slot, allowing you to fill the skip, after which we promptly depart with your renovation waste, read more.

Our selection of skips are prefect for renovation waste, whether you’re in the trade or a DIY enthusiast, is as hassle-free as possible. Let’s explore the best skips for different renovation scenarios:

4 Yard Skip: Perfect for Small Renovation Project

For those tackling smaller renovation projects, our 4-yard skip is the ideal choice. This compact skip is not only space-efficient but also capable of handling renovation waste, including hardcore, rubble, and soil. With a capacity of approximately 35-45 black bags, it strikes the perfect balance for modest renovations.

6 Yard Skip: The Largest Skip for Heavy Debris

When your renovation involves a substantial amount, our 6-yard skip steps up to the challenge. Boasting the largest capacity in our line-up for rubble, hardcore and soil, this skip can accommodate approximately 45-55 black bags. Perfect for heavier renovation waste, ensuring that your renovation site stays organised and clutter-free.

8 Yard Skip: Ideal for Large Renovation Projects

For those embarking on extensive renovation endeavours, our 8-yard skip is the go-to choice. With ample space to accommodate a mixture of rubble and other builders’ waste, such as timber this skip is well-suited for large-scale projects. Its versatility and generous capacity make it the preferred option for those tackling comprehensive renovations.

Plasterboard Only Bags & Skips: Tailored for Renovation Waste

If your renovation waste project requires disposal of plasterboard, we have you covered. To address this, we offer plasterboard-only bags and skips that can work in conjunction with your standard skip. Plasterboard waste must be segregated and disposed of responsibly, for more information on Plasterboard only skips please read more.

Renovation waste disposal | FAQS

How many skips do I need for a house renovation?

All depends on the size of your house and renovation project, however the above skip sizes gives you the flexibility to scale up depending on your waste disposal, however if you. Have a really large renovation project we can dispose of your first skip and replace with another.

What size skip do I need for bathroom renovation?

Generally, a four to six-yard skip should be sufficient for most bathroom renovation waste projects. If you’re planning on doing a complete clear out job, or your bathroom is particularly large, you may need an 8 Yard skip. And if you’re only making minor changes, a smaller skip may be all you need.

What size skip do I need for a kitchen renovation?

Again, this largely comes down to the size of your kitchen and level of level of works you intend to carry out. E.g. if it’s a simple revamp in modest kitchen a 4 yard skip may suffice, however if you have a large kitchen with a full on makeover then a 6 yard or 8 yard skip will be more suitable for your renovation waste.   

What is the best way to deal with plasterboard disposal as its part of the renovation?

Depending on the volume of plasterboard you need to dispose of, if it’s a few sheets worth we would recommend having a tonne bag to go with your building waste skip, or if a vast amount then book a skip these come in 4 yard, 6 yard and 8 yard.

Book the right skip for you

As you embark on your New Year renovation journey, choosing the right skip will streamline your project productivity. At ATS Skip hire, our range of skips caters to projects of all sizes and complexities, ensuring that your renovation waste disposal needs are met efficiently. If you know what you require please go to our book skips page. However if you’re still unsure on what size skip you require or need advice please contact us.