Here at ATS Skips we pride ourselves on keeping things simple and efficient – from our quality service removing waste from homes and businesses around Suffolk and Essex, to ensuring our customer service is top notch. To us its paramount that our customers know exactly what service they are getting and it’s all up front and visible.  

With this in mind, we wanted to explain and talk through today, a query that we have found popping up when speaking with customers. This is around our skip arrival and collection dates, so we thought we would take a little bit of time to explain how it works and what each date means – so then it’s nice and simple to understand for everyone, when booking a skip with us.  

Let’s start with exactly the query we’ve had reoccurring and then we will cover what our skip service involves and how this in turn may then impact your collection date…  

The question is around collection dates and when exactly this date will be? The quick answer to this is – that we don’t give an exact date BUT that it will never be less than the amount of time you book the skip for, but it could be longer.  

To go into more details and explain exactly why this is, we wanted to explain why the date your skip arrives won’t necessarily provide you with the exact date it is collected.  

Here’s why -we hire out our skips for a one-week period. Meaning that after you have booked your skip with us online or over the phone, we will book your delivery date into our system and ensure you receive your skip on that exact date. After this we then allow a one-week duration for all business and personal customers to have their skips as a minimum and this will be blocked out on our systems.  

However, our system for collecting skips is then slightly different. We then plan how and when we are collecting our skips after this one-week duration, dependant on what else we are also collecting and delivering in that local area. ATS covers a wide area within Suffolk and Essex. From Colchester and Clacton to Sudbury and Ipswich. Therefore it makes more sense for us commercially and sustainably to plan our pick ups ideally around when we are also collecting or delivering other skips in that local vicinity.  

Therefore, this means as our valued customers we wanted to let you know – that you will always have your skip for the amount of time you have paid for, but you might also get a few bonus days extra – it all depends on how our collection schedule is looking.  

We also understand that situations can change or things pop up that might mean you need a bit longer with a skip you’ve hired, or indeed you might like to find out when your skip is being collected.  

As your local trusted company we are always only a phone call or email away – if you ever need to chat through your skip collection or off hire date in more detail, don’t hesitate to give our friendly office a call.