When embarking on home renovations, garden clearances, or construction projects, renting a skip can effectively manage waste. However, before placing a skip on the road or your property, it’s essential to ascertain if a permit is necessary. So, is a permit needed for a skip? Let’s explore.

In certain instances, a permit may be necessary for a skip, particularly if it’s to be placed on a public road or pavement. Local regulations typically dictate skip placement to ensure safety, prevent obstruction, and manage traffic flow.

However, for the majority, permits are not required as most skips are positioned on driveways. Yet, for those lacking a front garden or driveway, necessitating roadside placement, a permit is likely necessary. ATS currently does not operate with permits but offers alternative solutions.

Wait and load skips:

If space constraints prevent skip placement, our wait-and-load skips offer an excellent solution. With this service, a skip is delivered to your property, and we wait while you fill it, within a 30-minute timeframe, as this is the maximum duration allowed for a skip on the road without a permit. For more details, visit our wait and load skips page.

Man & Van Service:

Recognising that skip hire may not suit everyone’s needs, we introduced our waste collection service. This service addresses issues like lack of driveway space and heavy lifting, without requiring a permit for parking. Our drivers handle all lifting and loading tasks, with no time constraints. Whether it’s multiple sofas, garden clearance, or commercial clear-out, our tipper trucks cater to diverse requirements.

Aside from hazardous waste, we have no restrictions on collected items. Our range of skips and our waste collection service, ensures we are able to cater for all situations. Moreover, our man & van service is typically more cost-effective than skip hire. Send us photos of your unwanted waste for pricing, and we often offer same-day collections or can work around your busy schedule.

These solutions provide flexibility without the need for a permit. Whichever option you choose, we advise preparing waste disposal in advance, particularly for wait-and-load skips due to the limited half-hour slot.

For further details or to discuss your specific requirements, contact ATS today at 01206 751617. Our team is dedicated to providing efficient and tailored waste management solutions to meet your needs.